We're Funders for Climate, Health, Equity and Community

America is at a transportation crossroads: Our public transit systems are failing, carbon emissions are exacerbating the climate crisis, and the systemic inequalities of our transportation system deny millions access to opportunity.


Local support for just and sustainable transportation addresses the interlocking challenges of climate and inequality. Transportation is currently the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S. While cleaning up the sector by electrifying vehicles is critical, the scale and speed of carbon saving that is needed means that electrification is insufficient on its own, and promotion of transit, biking and walking to reduce traffic volumes is also necessary.


Changing the system that led to this crisis requires strategic and concerted local activism tied to a national reform agenda. Without funding efforts to support local activism we simply will fail to address these systemic inequalities in our communities. At its heart, the Mobility Fund seeks to build community power through a sustained organized base of people to set agendas, shift public discourse, inform decision-makers, and cultivate a shift in power. Community power building is particularly critical for underserved, underrepresented, and historically marginalized communities who have been excluded from decision-making on the policies and practices that impact their transportation choices.

The Mobility Fund is the first project of a coalition of local and national funders supporting community-based nonprofits advocating for clean and just transportation. The first round of the fund in 2020 received 26 applications and disbursed grants to 8 organizations in the fall of 2020, with national support from Summit Foundation, McKnight, ClimateWorks and SRAM Cycling Fund. The fund is housed at Global Philanthropy Partnership and is guided by an Advisory Team made up by local and national funders.