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Portfolio Partners

  • Different sectors: 68 nonprofits; 5 local governments, 6 state governments, 3 federal government branches; 34 philanthropic, 8 networks, and 22 community organizations.  

  • Coalitions, including Bronx Health REACH; Central City SRO Collaborative; Deliver Justice Coalition; Open Streets Coalition; Transportation Equity Network; Indiana Coalition for Human Services; “Whose Streets? Our Streets!” (WSOS) workgroup; Pueblos de Lucha y Esperanza; We Make the Future; East Metro Strong; and West Boulevard Neighborhood Coalition. 

  • Policy influencers at the local, metro, regional, state, and national levels. These include organizations who influence: (1) traffic policies, like no turn on red; (2) transit service policies, like expansion of metro fare-less and rapid transit systems and electric freight; (3) regional transit network redesign, like development of a county transportation / light rail plans and the stopping of highway expansion; (4) open / safe streets initiatives, like adding trees, bike lanes, and space for last-mile deliveries; and (5) applying for federal funding to support all the above.


The fund is a project of Global Philanthropy Partnership (GPP), who is the legal fiscal sponsor.  Sutherland and Associates (S&A) facilitates fund management processes and the Advisory Team. 



Executive Director, The Merck Family Fund, co-chair of the ETF Advisory Team


Tenzin Dolkar

Program Officer, McKnight Foundation & co-chair of the ETF Advisory Team

Susanna 3_edited.jpg


Principal, S&A

Ali 1_edited.jpg


Program Coordinator, S&A


  • Stephanie Lotshaw

  • Tenzin Dolkar

  • Lisa Jacobson

  • Martha Roskowski

  • Neelima Shah

  • Darryl Young

  • Nick Sifuentes

Executive Director, TransitCenter

Program Officer, McKnight Foundation (co-chair)

Senior Program Officer, Mobility, Barr Foundation

Principal, Further Strategies

Program Officer, The Bullitt Foundation

Executive Director, The Merck Family Fund (co-chair)

Program Director, The Summit Foundation

A minimum of 4 advocates are recruited per round and paid to help make award decisions.  

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