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Portfolio Partners

  • Different sectors: 68 nonprofits; 5 local governments, 6 state governments, 3 federal government branches; 34 philanthropic, 8 networks, and 22 community organizations.  

  • Coalitions, including Bronx Health REACH; Central City SRO Collaborative; Deliver Justice Coalition; Open Streets Coalition; Transportation Equity Network; Indiana Coalition for Human Services; “Whose Streets? Our Streets!” (WSOS) workgroup; Pueblos de Lucha y Esperanza; We Make the Future; East Metro Strong; and West Boulevard Neighborhood Coalition. 

  • Policy influencers at the local, metro, regional, state, and national levels. These include organizations who influence: (1) traffic policies, like no turn on red; (2) transit service policies, like expansion of metro fare-less and rapid transit systems and electric freight; (3) regional transit network redesign, like development of a county transportation / light rail plans and the stopping of highway expansion; (4) open / safe streets initiatives, like adding trees, bike lanes, and space for last-mile deliveries; and (5) applying for federal funding to support all the above.


The fund is a project of Global Philanthropy Partnership (GPP), who is the legal fiscal sponsor.  Sutherland and Associates (S&A) facilitates fund management processes and the Advisory Team. 


Nick Sifuentes

Program Director for the Sustainable Cities Program at the Summit Foundation, co-chair of the ETF Advisory Team


Tenzin Dolkar

Program Officer, McKnight Foundation & co-chair of the ETF Advisory Team

Susanna 3_edited.jpg

Susanna Sutherland

Principal, S&A

Kathryn Conner Headshot_edited.jpg

Kathryn Conner

Program Coordinator, S&A


  • Benjie de la Peña

  • Dan Favre

  • Deborah Burke

  • James Yelen

  • Joel Espino

  • Nick Nigro

  • Nick Sifuentes

  • Stephanie Lotshaw

  • Tenzin Dolkar

CEO, Shared-Use Mobility Center

Director of Environmental Programs, Greater New Orleans Foundation

Program Officer, Rockefeller Brothers Fund

Program Director, Enterprise Community Partners

Lead, Arizona Initiatives and Transportation Equity, Wend Collective

Founder, Atlas Public Policy

Program Director, The Summit Foundation

Executive Director, TransitCenter

Program Officer, McKnight Foundation (co-chair)

A minimum of 4 advocates are recruited per round and paid to help make award decisions.  

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