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2023 Round 4 Dates



July 19, 2023

LOI information session

July 26, 2023, recording here; Passcode: &dN*ppJ9

LOI form closes

See invited proposals here

August 2, 2023, at 2pm ET

Invitations issued to submit a full proposal

August 16, 2023 

Proposals Due

October 3, 2023, at 2 pm ET

Advisory Team proposal review and award decisions

October 4- 19, 2023, at 2 pm ET

Awards announced

October 27, 2023

Applicant Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible, all proposals must: 


  1. be submitted and led by a community transportation advocate group or a priority community with an ongoing focus on mobility work;

  2. list at least 1 additional priority community or community transportation advocate group as a partner; and 

  3. be completed within 12 months.


  • To encourage collaboration, more partners are welcome. Grant partners (nonprofits, consultants, etc.) are noted in the proposal. Organizations that received a grant from this fund in a prior round are eligible to apply as lead but must name new partners that they have not worked with before in their proposal.

  • Proposals from all regions of the U.S. will be considered for the merit of their local, regional, and national strategies. Organizations in the midwestern U.S. are strongly encouraged to apply. Two funders from this region have augmented the Round 4 budget to advance transportation system change within this region.

  • Matching funds are strongly encouraged. Proposals that secure matching funds to support the proposed work earn additional points commensurate with the amount of the supporting match.

Ineligible Activities. 

Funds cannot be used for: (1) direct provision of transportation services, technology, planning, or infrastructure that is the responsibility of government agencies to provide; (2) backfilling government agency budgets to replace services that have been cut; and (3) lobbying as defined by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) - such as involvement in elections or ballot measures.

All applicants must have a legal designation or be fiscally sponsored by an organization with a legal designation - like a nonprofit, B-corporation, social enterprise, or a public benefits corporation.

Round 4 
Scoring Criteria

This proposal is led by and/or partners with one or more priority communities to address a transportation priority identified by and within that community. (20 points)

The proposed work has the potential to advance equitable, affordable, safe, and emissions-free mobility within priority communities and across regions through resource allocation and partnership building. (20 points)

This proposal clearly articulates how the work will address one or more of the current priorities on page 2 of the RFP: (1) building infrastructure that creates active healthy communities through clean transportation options; (2) stopping an/or removing infrastructure that does not; (3) building capacity to apply for federal transportation funding; and (4) advancing the transition to electric modes of transportation. (20 points)

This proposal leads with climate justice principles in the narrative and budget. The proposed timeline and budget are clear and reasonable. (20 points)

The proposed work has the potential to create equitable, beneficial, and sustained local and/or regional impacts and can potentially be replicated by others. (10 points)

100 points

This proposal has secured matching funds. [A 1:1 match receives the full point allocation, less than a 1:1 match receives partial points on a sliding scale]. (10 points)

2023 Round 4 Invited Proposals

Lead Organization
Requested Amount
1000 Friends of Wisconsin
Madison, Wisconsin
Active Transportation Alliance
Chicago, IL
Alliance for Community Transit - LA
Los Angeles, CA
Kansas City, MO
Elgin Community Bikes
Elgin, IL
Front and Centered
Seattle, WA
Hopeprint Go 'Cuse
Syracuse, NY
Livable Streets Alliance
Cambridge, MA
Metropolitan Planning Council
Chicago, IL
Milwaukee, WI
Mobilify Southwestern Pennsylvania
Pittsburgh, PA
Our Streets Minneapolis
Minneapolis, MN
Sacred Roots International - Go Gulfport
Gulfport, MS
Shared-Use Mobility Center
Chicago, IL
Third Sector New England / Detroit People’s Platform
Detroit, MI
Transportation Alternatives, Inc.
New York City, NY
Unlimited Potential
Phoenix, AZ
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